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have no regrets

except all those facebook pages you liked back in 2009, regret those

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Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. - Mandy Hale  (via bohemianspirit)

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when you try your best but your don’t succeed
Potter has done too much for me for me to ever want to shit all over it. I’m never going to say: ‘Don’t ask me questions about that’. I remember reading an interview with Robert Smith from The Cure. Somebody said to him: ‘Why do you still wear all that makeup, don’t you feel a bit past it?’ And he said: ‘There are still 14-year-olds coming to see The Cure for the first time, dressed like that. I’d never want to make them feel silly.’ It’s a similar thing with Potter. People are still discovering those books and films. It would be awful for them to find out the people involved had turned their backs on it. Though sometimes, people do come up and say ‘I loved you in The Woman in Black,’ which is really sweet. That’s them knowing that it matters to me that I’ve done other stuff. -

Daniel Radcliffe for London Magazine (x)

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Yeah uhm..we have the same genitals! - Ashton Irwin when asked if there are any similarities between their band and One Direction (video)

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Sometimes body modification is just a way of telling yourself “this is still my house, I paint the walls and and I hang the art because I’m the one who owns it”

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